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Health and Safety

Accredited Training

Health and Safety

Accredited Training

Akwiela Projects is more than just a projects company, they are a team of passionate professionals that look beyond the task at hand; they look deeper to the potential of the person needing to execute the task.

   Training and development for them is not about filling the proverbial bucket, instead it is to light a fire…


Why do we exist?

  • Add value and hope
  • Shift thinking
  • Challenge paradigms
  • Open up possibilities
  • Equipping and Empowering 


What do we offer?

  • Skills development
  • Accredited training
  • Comprehensive H&S Systems 
  • Holistic SMME Development
  • Mentoring an Coaching


How does it work?

  • Contact sessions
  • Media platforms
  • Quality accredited programs
  • School of Excellence

Who are we?

  • Professionals
  • People developers
  • Accredited trainers
  • Trained mentors
  • Experienced coaches

The Akwiela Offering

The Akwiela Approach

Even though Akwiela Projects offers a couple of accredited courses, they always make sure that the presentation, application and impact speaks to a client’s individual needs and requirements.

Before any project is taken on by the Akwiela team, they always consult with the client to fully understand the development needs, but not only that, even more, they take a good look at the potential that needs to be unlocked and ignited. 

So if you or your company are wondering what potential is hidden within your company and your staff members, then get in touch.  The Akwiela Projects Team are experts in recognizing and igniting potential.  

Want to know more - get in touch!