People, Passion, Progress

Unlock and Ignite Identity

No business will flourish without successful people; successful in who they are as a person and also successful in what they are skilled and tasked to do. At Akwiela Projects we always look beyond the task at hand to the potential and passion of an individual.  With our training and individual coaching and mentoring approach we assist people, the real power within business, to be the absolute best they can be.









Personal and Leadership Development

The Accredited Training

As part of our Personal and Leadership Development we offer the following accredited courses in proud association with Excelgrow.

  • Module (SAQA 15091): Plan to Manage One’s Time 
  • Module (SAQA 252244): Understand the Impact of Customer Service on a Business 
  • Module (SAQA 12537): Identify Personal Values and Ethics in the Workplace 
  • Module (SAQA 243189): Manage Personal Finance 
  • Module (SAQA 242811): Prioritize Time and Work for Self and Team 
  • Module (SAQA 242829): Monitor the Level of Service to a Range of Customers 
  • Module (SAQA 242815): Apply Organization’s Code of Conduct in a Work Environment 
  • Module (SAQA 242824): Apply Leadership Concepts in a Work Context 

Besides offering these accredited training, we also have qualified and experienced Life Coaches to journey with people into their full potential






Even though Akwiela Projects offers a couple of accredited courses, they always make sure that the presentation, application and impact speaks to a client’s individual needs and requirements.

Before any project is taken on by the Akwiela team, they always consult with the client to fully understand the development needs, but not only that, even more, they take a good look at the potential that needs to be unlocked and ignited. 

So if you or your company are wondering what potential is hidden within your company and your staff members, then get in touch.  The Akwiela Projects Team are experts in recognizing and igniting potential.  

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